In the ruins

Urban Explorers find beauty in decaying landmarks.

by Carly Schramm

The ominous beige towers loom ahead in the night as a thick fog envelops the prominent black letters atop the 200-foot grain elevator. Rusty pipes trail down the length of the tower while patches of splashed whitewash fail to completely erase the graffiti tags that dominate the exterior. The Bunge Tower, while an iconic landmark in the Van Cleve Park neighborhood, is only another defunct building left for decay.

The elevator, speckled with jagged shards of glass jutting out from the windowless panes, seems to go unnoticed by most who pass by its skeleton. Yet, some feel drawn to it.

Some call this run-down place home, some only want to find an inch of space on the graffiti laden interior to leave behind a tag, and some come ready to infiltrate, not to mark or destroy the property, but to see the world from a perspective that few have ever seen. They call themselves urban adventurers. Seeking out abandoned buildings, steam tunnels, or fire-destroyed towers at their own risk, these explorers simply need to feed an addiction. They find beauty in unsound structures otherwise an eyesore to the rest of society.

Informal groups of adventurers and even lone enthusiasts are scattered around the globe, but a strong local force resides in the Twin Cities. The men and women who make up this daring sub-culture know of the considerable dangers and the harsh legalities that surround the hobby of exploring urban sites, yet continue to seek out new areas with a strict code of ethics that make them an "organized recreational trespassing and exploration" culture.

Max Action, now a 33 year-old University of Minnesota alum under alias, founded what he thought was the first of its kind, an "Adventure Squad" of like-minded students on the University of Minnesota campus during the spring semester of his freshmen year. The squad formed in 1996 and offered more than the typical college social scene ever could. Although there was never a formal membership, the seven explorers who made up the core group turned the popular children's pastime into an organized adult hobby.

For Action the curiosity bug bit early. He had a knack for exploring the old bomb shelter and "secret passages" coiled around his grandmother's house and itched to get inside an old cave, dilapidated mill, and tunnel system that always caught his eye on the drive to her house. However, this interest didn't fade with maturity; it intensified.

As a college freshmen Action was bored with the social scene on campus and set out to find a more exciting and rewarding venture. "I found myself living unsupervised in the midst of an urban playground just waiting to be explored," he says. The East Bank Tailrace Tunnels, otherwise known as the NSP power plant tunnels, snake underneath the abandoned Pillsbury A Mill of St. Anthony Falls. They mark Action's first major exploration, one that ignited a spark to investigate further. After poking around the St. Anthony tailraces, Action dove into researching the Minneapolis tunnel system and found miles of systems that ran underneath the University campus, some with entrance points near his residence hall.

Grabbing his then-girlfriend in one hand and a flashlight in the other, Action ventured out to scout the area. The tunnel access point was in full-visibility, increasing the likelihood that they could be caught. Making careful note of security cameras and motion sensors, Action and his girlfriend tested to see if they worked. When they saw that the alarms were either long-since disabled or merely put in place to bluff trespassers, they jumped at the opportunity and slipped inside. The cramped tunnels hissing forebodingly as clangs echoed in the distance and an aroma of hot brick and sandstone in the narrow passageway was all it took to hook Action. The pair returned "night after night."

"Afterward you can tend to feel pretty damn cool, walking around with surface dwellers who have no idea that you were just crawling around beneath them-- in spaces they aren't even aware of-- having a blast doing stuff that doesn't cross most people's minds," says Action.

Courtney Celley, a 22-year-old MCAD graduate student and urban adventurer, began exploring and photographing these danger-filled locations in the fall of 2009. Celley, aware of the dangers she puts herself in, makes a point to be as cautious and prepared for an exploration as possible; scouting the area and bringing proper gear are crucial.

"A lot of times I've found myself thinking after the fact about how dangerous a building could have been, but I think when I'm inside, I'm mostly focused on taking in the experience," says Celley.

After seeing photos of the vivid graffiti from others who have made the risky climb, Celley's eye was on the Bunge Tower. However, getting in would be the challenge.

Bunge has been a source of tragedy over the years in more ways than one. During the heyday of the grain production, workers were at risk of injury and death at every step, and even when the last train pulled away from the grain elevator in 2003, disaster was still at play behind the thick, cold walls of the abandoned framework. Today, only a funhouse death trap remains.

For 21-year-old University of Minnesota junior Germain Vigeant, Bunge Tower claimed her life on a moonless night in January 2006. She was exploring the tower with Damon Vaughan on what would be their first and final date.

Even after Vigeant suddenly fell to her death from an unforeseen hole in the floor more than 100 feet up in one of the grain silos, explorers were determined to not let fences, "No Trespassing" signs, or even a tragic death stop them from making an ascent to the top of the tower.

After 24 scouting missions, Celley's opportunity to see what many others have enjoyed finally came in July 2010. After noticing that every possible entrance was welded shut on her first time out, she had no choice but to check back day after day, determined to find an opening. "I'm pretty cautious about which locations I choose to enter," she says. "I'll never break into a building. If there is an open entrance, I'll find it. If not, I stay out."

With luck, Celley found an opening between two metal wall panels at the tower's base and decided to return the next morning to explore with a friend and a camera in tow.

With the sun peeking out over downtown Minneapolis, seeping its light through the windowless panes of the lifeless tower, the pair entered through the metal planks and dipped into the shadows of the boarded-up base.

Celley and her friend made their ascent up the grated, rusty metal staircase; one swift glance down revealed exactly how far they would fall. The never-ending see-through staircase was the most frightening part of the whole venture, says Celley. "There were a few spots where the stair was slightly bent, and every time my foot hit that uneven spot, I cringed."

After exploring the tower floor by floor, the pair climbed to the top and took photos of the downtown Minneapolis skyline from a rare vantage point. For Celley, the craving to explore abandoned buildings is not because she wants to seek out danger, or because she likes to rebel, but because "there is a hidden beauty in these buildings that many people will never see or experience," she says. "You look at beauty differently than you did before, and you see decay in a new light. Decay can be a terribly sad thing, but it can also be beautiful and unique."

A common misconception about people who break into abandoned buildings, climb up active bell towers, and infiltrate steam tunnels is that they are simply vandals and taggers out to deface property. However, urban adventurers explore with ethics and observe with integrity. In the long run, stealing only creates more legal problems, vandalism ruins the experience for other adventurers, and exploring under the influence of alcohol and drugs jeopardizes safety.

However, there are consequences. Acting lost and playing the "clueless photographer" can only be taken so far. A group of six men, including some former Action Squad members, were caught exploring outside the Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul in December 2003, arrested, and accused of alleged terroristic activity. However, all six men were released without charge.

Most urban explorers are charged with trespassing, unless they have committed another crime such as theft, says University Chief of Police Greg Hestness. Generally, these explorers are "not committing acts of terror, they're just looking for a sense of adventure."

While many urban adventurers may not be doing anything that would pose a threat to others, that excuse doesn't fly when it comes to the law. "I've been caught five times, charged twice, questioned multiple times, convicted once, and have played hide and seek in probably more than 10 encounters," says ToXic, a 23-year-old Twin Cities Urban Recon explorer under alias. "If you're caught you can't do much-- you just end up in the back of a squad car."

Although the chances of getting caught can be high, explorers are always thinking one-step ahead.

Playing spy or secret agent man with the latest gadgets and elaborate attire is not only excessive, but also cumbersome and noticeable. Someone tiptoeing around in Army camouflage and trying to blend in with a backpack chock-full of spy gadgetry, lock picks, and tools will only draw in more unwanted attention. Plus, an explorer could be slapped with a possession of burglar's tools charge if caught by a police officer. Sometimes nice Sunday clothes will do the trick if the plan is to sneak into an active church bell tower, and sometimes chest-high rubber waders are a necessity in an active sewer, says Action.

However, even if an exploration is successful many dangers go unnoticed.

Years spent venturing through crumbling infrastructures and slinking through asbestos filled tunnels can have a significant impact on an explorer's short and long-term health and wellbeing. "I can't even imagine all the toxic crap I've absorbed over the years," says Action. Knowing the risks and dangers he subjects himself to, Action makes it a priority to minimize harm by exploring alert. Avoiding rotting floors, live wires, and rabid wildlife are just as important as watching out for protruding rusty nails and irritated homeless people.

There is no doubt that urban exploration is a dangerous hobby, but oftentimes the danger lies in the unexpected. Most adventurers do not seek out danger, they carefully maneuver through it to get to the real gems: downtown skylines from an angle few will ever see, the natural beauty of urban decay, and the thrill of discovering the "unknown," says Action. "If danger was my priority, I could just go play in traffic on the highway."




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s. The problem here is that Aristotle was concerned about habits that reflect what the Greeks called Aretecirc or human excellence. Aristotle had a deep contempt for efficiency in one part of life. Instead he was talking about habits as virtues that exist not in one department of life but in the whole of life itself. His habits werent mechanical or automatic but rather voluntary and purposeful. Aristotles habits are thus the polar opposite of the nonthinking physical motions of Dungys NFL lineman. The th Century can be seen as a giant experiment to see what could be accomplished if people were treated as things and as machines following predetermined routines. The experiment was successful in some respects. For a period, the material wellbeing of many people was improved. But ultimately the workers became dispirited and the customers became frustrated. And as we move into the st Century, organizations increasingly found the approach inappropriate for conditions in the marketplace. In this respect, the book is a formidable guide to th Century management, but not much hel
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ly million to purchase the company. Analysts estimated that in , Geek Squad had more than , employees, produced close to billion in revenues, and generated million in operating profits. Buoyed its success with Geek Squad, Best Buy expanded its servicesfocused efforts. , it offered home entertainment installation and design services through Magnolia and home remodeling services through Pacific Sales. Both are offered through a storewithinastore concept, similar to how Best Buy grew Geek Squad. In , Best Buy acquired two more companiesЁCAV Audiovisions for about million and Howell amp Associates for about millionЁCto augment its Magnolia offering. In early , Best Buy extended its services strategy to small business customers with its million acquisition of Speakeasy, a digital subscriber line and voiceoverInternet Protocol provider. These small acquisitions have allowed Best Buy to create disruptive offerings that allow individuals and small businesses to affordably obtain worldclass service. In the early days of a disruptive innovators journey, the market i
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He got a scholarship to the best engineering school in France. He got into M.I.T., did a Ph.D. in market research. Magid on his dad: My father owned a bunch of fruit orchards in Lebanon. It was a tough life, hard manual labor. Ў­ He always drilled into me that it was far better to work for yourself and own something than to work for somebody else. He taught me to always try to be first and not settle for anything below your best. Ў­ If there is something that parents can pass on to kids, its the mentality that eventually develops into entrepreneurship. Its confidence in yourself and challenging the conventional thinking. Jack on his early ambitions: I always wanted to be the best at something. I wanted to be a leader. Ў­ There was a time when I was totally convinced I wanted to be President of the United States, when I was , or . Then I really wanted to be a theoretical physicist. Magid: What I remember about Jack was that very early on he was very enterprising. When he was years old he would go and talk to his friends, and he would convince them to exchange an old q
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land dabbled in fitness videos Minute Abs, Buns and Thighs, nonprofit work March of Dimes and AIDS LA and acting. She was making good money but was far from a mogul. That changed in , when she decided to expand into furniture. Warren Buffett, who appreciated their d experience as newspaper deliverers, once told her that fashion changes but the home remains far more secure. In apparel every celebrity with a Q rating above zero either had a line or was pitching one. But precious few celebrity licensors dabbled in home furnishings, even though the dynamics of buying a dresser are no different from buying a dress. A known brand name gives people a comfort level when buying,says furniture industry analyst Wallace Epperson. In Ireland went to the biannual furniture convention in High Point, N.C. with a line of sofas, chairs and end tables. She had a passion and she was very smart,says Irv Blumkin, head of Berkshire Hathaway s Nebraska Furniture Mart, a ,squarefoot megastore that helps drive the direction of the industry. As she told me the stories of her different
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, employees are the economic elite of Koreas civil service, but while their traditional task has been building the nation, they now must build profits. Indeed, ratings agency Standard amp Poors cites KDBs historically low profitability as a central risk. One move will help: Some billion of lowperforming assetsЁCs in governmentowned and restructuring companies and some localcurrency industrialfinance bondsЁChave been transferred to the Korea Finance Corp., a rump bank with employees that was spun off and will remain in government hands. To raise the tempo, Min is making compensation much more dependent on performance, a change that he expects will take two to three years to complete. He has an inhouse model: Daewoo Securities, where the pay is largely based on performance. Moreover, the senioritybased hierarchies that customarily hamper personnel management in Korea are already evaporating at KDB. The holding company boasts a chief financial officer whos only , an impossibility at many Korean organizations, notes Min. And, of course, not all KDB staffers are rigid bur
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Mit groumlszligter Brutalitaumlt... im Warschauer Koumlnigsschloss, die den Polenfeldzug der Deutschen und damit verbundene Kriegsverbrechen an Polen dokumentiert, mit dem Deutschen Historischen Institut auch eine deutsche Einrichtung beteiligt ist. Das habe in der derzeitigen aufgeheizt gefuumlhrten polnischen Debatte uumlber Krieg und Nachkriegszeit Signalwirkungzumal der Polenfeldzug von der Wehrmachtsausstellung des Hamburger Instituts fuumlr Sozialforschung ignoriert worden war.Weitere Artikel: G.K. befuumlrchtet, dass das Siegesgeheul der PDS uumlber die Zwischennutzung des Palastes der Republik mehr hier dessen beschlossenen Abriss noch beschleunigen wird. Andrian Kreye schreibt uumlber die Waffenflohmaumlrkte in Amerikas Provinz, wo sich die rechte Basis de
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Grünen mit , Prozent.Bei der Landtagswahl in MecklenburgVorpommern wird die SPD/PDSKoalition unterMinisterprsident Harald Ringstorff trotz dramatischer Verluste der PDS besttigt. Die SPD wird mit hohem Zuwachs klarer Sieger und bleibt strkste Kraft.Die Hessen sprechen sich in einer Volksabstimmung mit über Prozent der Stimmen für die Verlngerung der Wahlperiode, Sport als Staatsziel in der Landesverfassung sowie eine bessere Finanzausstattung der Kommunen Konnexittsprinzips aus.Nach der Bundestagswahl werden die ersten Personalfragen in den Fraktionen geklrt: Der bisherige SPDGeneralsekretr Franz Müntefering wird neuer Fraktionsvorsitzender der Sozialdemokraten. Bei der CDU verzichtet Friedrich Merz auf seinen Posten als Fraktionschef und macht damit den
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ktrische Beleuchtung Fehlanzeige. Im Türrahmen begrüt uns die Lehrerin. In der Düsternis am anderen Ende des Raums ist eine Tafel auszumachen. Man fragt sich verblüfft, wie sie durch die eng gedrngten Schüler dorthin gelangen soll. Die kalten massiven Steinwnde, deren Quaderstruktur sich unter der dünnen Weitünchung abzeichnet, lassen an eine Gefngniszelle denken. Die Kinderkpfe starren unentwegt in unsere Richtung. Lapidar bemerkt Mafunga, dass ohne SOSKinderdorf diese Kinder schon lange keine Schule mehr htten – denn die staatliche Finanzierung von Millionen ZIMDollars pro Jahr reiche gerade, um Kugelschreiber anzuschaffen. weiter. Teil: The world is not yet flat. TeilFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, ..Das Theater Ingolstadt beschreitet neue Wege de
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ja irgendwann einmal an einen echten Verleger, wünscht Michael Hanfeld auf der Medienseite dem Blatt, die unter den Sparzwngen des Besitzers Montgomery chzt.Im BerlinaleTeil rekurriert Andreas Platthaus auf die Musikdokumentationen des Festivals und kürt Bananaz zum Tiefpunkt des Genres. Verena Lueken bespricht die gestrigen Wettbewerbsfilme und preist Lance Hammer dafür, sich in Ballast als nahezu einziger zu trauen, ohne jedes Klischee etwas zu erzhlen.In der Beilage Bilder und Zeiten erinnert sich der ungarische Schriftsteller Peter Zilahy daran, als er erstin der EUSchlange vor der Ausweiskontrolle auf dem Flughafen realisierte, dass er nun EUBürger ist. Was mich dann überkam, ist schwer in Worte zu fassen. So muss sich die in den Tiefen des Erdballs sc
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zu sprechen. überlebende wie Huy Taing oder der Traktorfahrer Chum Mey trauen sich nun zu erzhlen. Er wurde zur selben Zeit wie Huy Taing in das berüchtigte Foltergefngnis S im Zentrum von Phnom Penh verschleppt. Chum Mey zhlt zu den wenigen, die diese Sttte des Grauens überlebt haben. Als er jetzt vor dem Internationalen Gerichtshof seine Leidensgeschichte erzhlte, gab er der Vergangenheit ein Gesicht.Auerdem: Christian Schlüter rgert sich, dass bei uns über den Kriegseinsatz in Afghanistan keine ehrliche Diskussion geführt wird. In Times Mager hat Christian Thomas einige Fragen zu einer Klanginstallation in Mainz, mit der die Berliner Künstlerin Miriam Kilali zum friedlichen Zusammenleben von Muslimen und Christen aufrufen wollte.Besprochen werden M
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ert mein Theater nicht. Es wird heute als konventionell bezeichnet. Das ist natürlich eine Lüge. Denn das Unkonventionelle ist heute Konvention geworden, was übrigens das Allerschlimmste ist für junge Leute, denn die wollen natürlich nicht konventionell sein. Eine Falle, aus der sie nicht ausbrechen knnen.Weitere Artikel in Literatur und Kunst: Der Philosoph Ralf Konersmann erzhlt die Urgeschichte des Helden als Antihelden bei JeanJacques Rousseau. Uwe Justus Wenzel liest den franzsischen Philosophen Marcel Henaff. Auerdem wird die nur auf englisch erschienene Korrespondenz der MitfordSchwestern besprochen.Im Feuilleton begrüt Joachim Günthner den Weckruf des Heidelberger Appells. Lilan Pfaff besucht die vom Büro Himmelblau entworfene neue Kunsthochschu
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dem Sozialisten Franois Hollande telefonisch zum Sieg bei der franzsischen Prsidentschaftswahl gratuliert. Das teilte Regierungssprecher Steffen Seibert am Sonntagabend in Berlin mit. Beide seien sich einig gewesen, wie wichtig enge deutschfranzsische Beziehungen seien. Merkel und Hollande htten einander versichert, dass sie eine gute und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit anstreben. Die CDUChefin lud Hollande ein, mglichst bald nach seiner Amtseinführung nach Berlin zu kommen.+++ Erinnerungen an den Wahlsieg Mitterrands werden wach +++[. Uhr] Frédéric, Rentner, früher Angestellter der Pariser Metro: Ich muss an den Sieg der Sozialisten am . Mai denken, ich bin so glücklich wie damals. Nur dass die Feier früher politischer war, nicht nur Pop und Salsa, sond
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t der Berliner Philharmoniker unter der Dirigentin Emmanuelle Haim mit Rameau und Hndel, und der erhellende Band In Teufels Küche des Restaurantkritikers Jrg Zipprick mehr dazu in der Bücherschau ab Uhr.Frankfurter Rundschau, ..Europa mag sich vor Abscheu winden, Marcia Pally erkennt durchaus auch Vorzuumlge in einem Empire: Als England auf dem Planeten herumempierte, brachte es die Eisenbahn nach Barbados und die Fundamente der pluralistischen Demokratie nach Suumldafrika, und alles in allem haben Tee und Kekse die Welt verbessert. Dass mein Land aus der Idee geboren wurde, dass sich Demokratie und Wohlstandund auch Teeauf einem besseren Weg beschaffen lieszligen als unter dem imperialen Stiefel, macht ja nichts. In jenem historischen Augenblick, da wir das Zeu
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per die grten Handelspartner seines Landes. +++ Kein Referendum, wenn sich Parteien einigen +++ [. Uhr] Das von Papandreou geplante Referendum soll nicht stattfinden, wenn sich die groen Parteiendie bürgerliche Oppositionspartei Nea Dimokratia und die regierende Sozialistische Pasokeinigen. Das meldet die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters und beruft sich auf das Büro des Ministerprsidenten.+++ übergangsregierung mit Experten +++ [. Uhr] Die bürgerliche Oppositionspartei, die Konservative Nea Dimokratia ND, ist nach Angaben der Nachrichtenagentur dpa einverstanden, das Land für eine übergangszeit mit der regierenden Sozialistische Pasok zu führen. An dieser übergangsregierung werden Experten und keine Politiker teilnehmen, heit es. Diese Regierung wird das Lan
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il Regierungskreise jetzt raunen, Berlin wolle den Sparkurs lockern. Auch wenn in Deutschland davon nicht die Rede ist. Diese Hoffnung stützt sich auch darauf, dass es eine Groe Koalition geben knnte und die SPD weniger hart für Sparmanahmen eintritt. Die SPD gilt als sensibler und offener für die Nte der Südeuroper. Doch einen wirklich groen Schwenk in der EuroPolitik in ihrem Sinne – das wissen die Spanier – knnen sie von den deutschen Parteien nicht erwarten. Für viele bleibt auch die Enttuschung, dass das Thema Europa und EuroKrise im deutschen Wahlkampf ausgeklammert wurde. Katharina Peters.btwalles a.spCelink { display: none }.btwalles{margin: px padding: px bordertop:none borderbottom:px double #eee}.btwalles .headerwrapper {maxwidth:px height
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ll der Satz in den neuen Bundeslndern auf Westniveau angehoben werden. HartzAls Blaupause für mehr Beschftigung, mehr Eigeninitiative und mehr soziale Sicherheit bejubelte der damalige Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schrder die Vorschlge, die die Kommission Moderne Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt unter der Leitung des ehemaligen VWPersonalvorstands Peter Hartz entwickelte. Das in vier Stufen aufgeteilte Reformkonzept wurde allerdings auch wegen der Kritik innerhalb der rotgrünen Koalition keineswegs eins zu eins umgesetzt, wie es Schrder zunchst versprochen hatte. Hartz I+IIMit den ersten beiden Gesetzespaketen, die am . Januar in Kraft traten, wurde die ra der IchAGs, der PersonalServiceAgenturen sowie der Mini und Midijobs ins Leben gerufen. Hartz III Ein Jahr s
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her Serien setzen, statt eigene zu produzieren.Besprochen werden die neuen Alben von Renee Fleming und Anna Netrebko, Becks neue CD The Information und Benjamin Heisenbergs Film Schlaumlfer. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, .. Der britische Historiker Niall Ferguson, der sich nebenbei als Thatcherist outet, kritisiert in scharfen Worten den Military Commissions Act, der es den Amerikanern erlaubt, illegale feindliche Kombattanten quasi als Rechtlose zu behandelnbis hin zur Folter. Bush sollte sich lieber ein historisches Vorbild nehmen, meint Ferguson: Winston Churchill bestand waumlhrend des ganzen Krieges darauf, Kriegsgefangene korrekt zu behandelndas sei klug, und sei es nur, damit die eigenen Leute eine bessere Chance haben, ebenfalls gut behandelt zu werden, we
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ying the CO and building a pipeline to transport it would eat up profits. A neighbor on the anticline was using a lesserknown means of extraction called highpressure air injection. In this one you shove air into a hole, which then naturally ignites the oil. Some of the oil burns, pushing the remainder up a well. This method costs approximately $ a barrel versus $ for drilling. But it doesnt work everywhere and takes a year and a half or more to prove its worth. In Encore ran a $ million test on a small part of Cedar Creek, using two small compressors. Initial results were good, as the air injection almost immediately flattened the wells natural decline and later boosted production from barrels a day to . Since then Encore has
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to be the types that he says hell continue to target in . Capital One Financial Corp. : Founded in , this Virginiabased financial giant offers a variety of consumer lending and deposit services, including credit cards, auto loans, smallbusiness loans, homeequity loans and savings services. The firm has a $. billion market cap and almost million customer accounts. While Capital Ones stock price has dropped close to % since midJune, my Warren Buffettbased strategy and my Peter Lynchbased model both see that more as an opportunity than a problem. For Buffett, one critical stock criterion is a long track record of stable earnings, and the strategy I base on his approach s companies whose earnings per have increased in at least
mporting natural gas from Norway is far different than importing it from Russia, which means that nuclear energy is less of a national security issue for the United Kingdom than it may be for other European countries. This means that the United Kingdom has alternatives to nuclear power, which casts the fate of the nuclear industry in the United Kingdom into doubt. Despite the strong interparty consensus on the issue, therefore, the United Kingdom remains a country where public opinion пїЅпїЅ and antinuclear energy activists пїЅпїЅ will have to be monitored carefully to gauge which way the country will go following the Fukushima incident. Sweden The Swedish centerright government of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt reversed a ban on n
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dat terwijl 54% van de republikeinen die zich identificeren als tea party gunst afsluiten van de overheid in de uitoefening van defunding obamacare , slechts 36 % van de andere republikeinen steunen het idee . ondanks hun d haat van de aca , heeft de laatste tactische strijd eindelijk geduwd conservatieven en gematigden om de politieke banden die zijn aangesloten them.now dat de honden van de oorlog zijn los te ontbinden , you8217re zal willen weten de generals8211especially komen presidentile primaire seizoen . team shutdownsen . ted cruz ( rtx ) what8217s zijn dealcruz , meer dan enige andere republikein, is het gezicht van de defundorbust beweging . he8217s ook getrokken scherpe aanvallen van zijn collega- republikeinen , die
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