Mourning by the megabyte

Taking to the Internet to pay your respects.

by Austin Wiebe
When Jewish liturgist Debbie Friedman died in January, Becky Saltzman knew there was no way she could attend the funeral. To begin, Saltzman, a 28-year-old Wisconsin native, only met Friedman a handful of times throughout her life. And though the iconic singer/songwriter had a huge impact on Saltzman, the funeral would be taking place in Orange County, Calif., far from her Minneapolis home.

Fortunately for Saltzman, the vast breadth of the Internet has now reached even the most sacred and hallowed of social events: the funeral. Soon after she learned of Friedman's death, Saltzman also learned the funeral service would be broadcast online so mourners around the world could virtually attend.

Though broadcasted funerals are nothing new-- millions of people tuned in to watch John F. Kennedy's televised funeral in 1963-- the Internet has made the option available for more than just presidents and celebrities. Many death care facilities are beginning to offer Web broadcasting for mourners who cannot attend services for physical, economical, or any variety of reasons.

Most funeral homes contract Web broadcasting services from an increasing number of online providers. Sites like Event by Wire, Sympathynet.com, and funeralOne offer software and hosting services developed specifically for the funeral industry. Each provides Web space and a secure link where loved ones of the deceased can log on and participate in the funeral.

For Saltzman, the experience was moving and helped her gain closure after losing Friedman. "There were celebrations everywhere [commemorating] her life," Saltzman says. "But to have [the online broadcast] and actually see the casket with her guitar on top of it was so much more powerful-- just to be there."

As the trend continues to grow, additional options and features have also developed. Families can decide whether their loved one's funeral will be public or private, password protected, or invitation-only. Some sites even offer live chat or comment features.

During Friedman's funeral, people from around the globe used a chat function to share how she had influenced their lives and to discuss the service. "People were saying where they were from. It was Minneapolis, New York, California, San Francisco, Oakland, then it would be Bulgaria, or Spain, or Israel," Saltzman says. "It was incredible that this was happening in California, and yet from across the world, literally, people were coming together and were able to see the impact that Debbie had on all of our lives."

The technology may be seen by some as irreverent or disrespectful to the dead, but our generation's increasing openness toward personal disclosure will likely overrule these reservations. Though Saltzman is not sure if her family would be open to the idea of a Web casted funeral, she hopes the technology will continue to catch on.

"A funeral is not for the person who died, it's for the community and the people that they affected in their lives," Saltzman says. "To be able to have anybody whose life was affected by that person be able to... be part of the mourning community is a really powerful thing, and I think a really great use of technology."

To view Friedman's full funeral service online, visit her page on Temple Beth Sholom




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