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Some thoughts about the trends and people coming and going.

by Flatline staff
What happened to collect calls? I want bizarre, insult-my-intelligence commercials with Mr. T. Which brings me to my next point - whatever happened to Mr. T?
Eric Dolski

I don't care how good you think they make your butt look, Sketchers Shape-Ups have got to go.
Liz Maher

I want txts 2 go back 2 good eng. and gramr now dat fones got QWERTY keyboardz. Lol :).
Patrick Berner

I would love to see these long, snowy, cold Minnesota winters go. And the good news is that global warming is already working on taking care of them for me.
Priscilla Lundquist

Justin Bieber. Thankfully, past child stars like Haley Joel Osment and Lief Erickson have showed us how the cutest kids turn into the ugliest adults. I don't think Mr. Bieber will be spreading that toxic fever of his around for much longer.
Andrew Penkalski

The Poke on Facebook is as pointless as Lindsey Lohan in drug treatment.
Matthew Deery

Everything cargo. As Seth from Superbad said, 'Nobody has gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since 'Nam.'
Blake Dahmen

I am sad to see Nick Punto's career with the Minnesota Twins die because he was my only hope that one day I too could trick a major-league baseball team into paying me millions of dollars.
Brent Renneke

Sandals with socks are not, and will never be, acceptable. I don't care if you have the feet of an albino. I guarantee your socks draw much more of the negative attention that you're trying to avoid.
Chelsey Knutson

I'm tired of the girls who rock the 'made-up frump' look. Why do they think sweatshirts, sweats tucked into Ugg boots, hair piled into a high messy bun, and a full face of makeup is a good everyday look?
Carly Schramm

Every older woman thinking they can land a younger man is going out of style. I'm sorry ladies, but you are going to have to revert back to men with mortgages and AARP discounts.
Reece Lamppa

I don't know about you, but I really want to know what happened to the Tamagotchi. I can't help but recall the days of obsessively monitoring its every move and hoping that nothing I did would result in its 'untimely' passing.
Iman Mohamed

Brett Favre. He's finally done playing and texting...well maybe not the second part.
Alec Schimke

3D needs to die! As of right now, it's a pointless gimmick to get us to dish out extra money for an underwhelming technology. Not worth it.
Mandy Majorowicz

A recent report by Citigroup shows that tobacco is going to die in the next 40 years. I would be more than happy to see it die even earlier.
Yiqiao Wang

Two things need to die: political correctness and indifference. Sometimes situations need to get heated before we can get past them, and in order to do that we actually need to care.
Sarah Song Vang

I would love to bid good riddance to the playing of Green Day's "Good Riddance" at graduations. I mean, it'd be something unpredictable... but in the end it's right.
Austin Wiebe






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A person who works in a laboratory or plastics factory, has a higher risk of cyanide poisoning.


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